So basis my doctor and acupuncturist’s advice, here are the following things I am doing:

1. Diet: since I am IR, I am on a strict no carbs, no dairy, no sugar diet. Initially, I was religiously observing this rule but I found myself feeling faint on more than one occasion. My acupuncturist expressed concern that my blood sugar might be falling too low and recommended eating small quantities of carbs everyday (small helping of brown rice, quinoa etc.). I have always been on the thinner side and within the first 10 days of adhering to this diet, I lost 3 pounds going from a 105 to a 102, something I clearly did not need! Plus the sheer stress of trying to figure out what the heck to cook is overwhelming (I’ll talk more about food on a different post)… I am north Indian and we eat carbs like they’re going out of fashion so trying to plan carb-less meals is a pain in the backside and then some!

Currently, I am maintaining a diet that is protein rich and includes only whole grain carbs (brown rice or brown rice pasta), if at all. I largely refrain from eating out since it’s usually not organic plus they cook in vegetable or canola oil which is a no-no for me. It’s going well so far; I am lucky I have Whole Foods nearby to rely upon. Discovering new items to eat which are suited for my condition has become something of a weekend pastime!

2. Rx: I take a ton of supplements. At the time, this is what I am taking:

Fish Oil (3000 mg)
Vitamin D (50000 IU weekly)
B complex
Folic Acid
L-Carnitine (1000 mg)
Circumin (2000 mg)
Metformin (500mg daily)

I was prescribed a higher dosage of some of these supplements but since I have a serious gag reflex, I am currently taking these. My acupuncturist has promised to make this a more manageable list for me so more on that when I hear back from her.

3. Exercise: I am quite lazy when it comes to exercising but now that we live in such scenic surroundings, it is tough to find lame excuses. However, I do have a PhD to complete (thank God for the diversion!) so I don’t always have the time to step out for long, leisurely walks. What I do, instead, is light yoga in the morning (Yoga for Fertility DVD–check it out, it breaks down yoga poses for different phases of your cycle), a brisk walk in the apartment for 20 minutes after lunch and a 15 minute stroll within the apartment complex with DH after dinner. Plus I do a lot of household chores which keep me active.

4. Other stuff: this is the first cycle after my myomectomy and also the first cycle that I have started noticing CM and charting my BBT (this I started only towards the end of the cycle). My doctor has advised FSH injectables and an IUI for next cycle but I don’t know whether or not we are ready for that. I have to write to him when I get AF (blast) and I’ll probably discuss it with him then.

5. Attitude: I was pretty positive all along this cycle. As I mentioned before, I live in a really nice place so it’s hard to get down. Of course I have my moments, but I largely get over them myself (nothing a quick chat with God won’t help!). I was pretty darn sure something was up this cycle… had all these symptoms but as acupuncturist told me, most of them were prolly due to the Metformin which I started only this cycle.


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