Back home…

Just got back from a relaxing few days in Vail, CO. Husband had a work event to attend and I tagged along. The place is truly stunning, each trail introduces you to a different side of nature, each more gorgeous than the other. Even the freeway makes for a beautiful drive!

So I should be happy right? Or at the very least mellow and zen-like? Well… it’s not like I am the exact opposite but at the same time I can’t say I had a brilliant holiday. Fact is, once I step out of the house, despite my sincerest efforts I cannot stick to my diet at all times. Organic food is hard to come by. Vail has super expensive restaurants and none of them are organic. The only organic grocery store we found about 20 miles away only carried specialized items and no produce or groceries. Safeway does have some organic stuff but what could I have apart from fruits? It wasn’t like I had access to a kitchen to cook. Husband I were both thinking that we should probably invest in a timeshare; not only would it be more affordable but staying in a condo-like situation allows you control over what you eat and helps you save money as well.

Anyhow, I am really glad to be home. Back to my routine from tomorrow onwards. It is very unsettling to be away from home and not have any control over my efforts towards baby-making. We are more determined than ever to have a baby now and as long as I am dedicated to the cause, I know I will feel okay. Low/no carbs, organic food, long walks and yoga–here I come!


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