Mission September…

… is all planned out.

The strategy for this month is a plain (aka no-meds) IUI along with a trigger shot for ovulation. Have taken an appointment for pre-IUI ultrasound next week… hoping we see some good follies which will mature into some much-needed baby goodness!

Have started temping again this cycle. I find that the 9am time just doesn’t cut it for me. I tend to wake up a couple times between 7 and 9 to go pee or because my nose is stuff and I am sneezing or because I am just waking up and restless. So have set alarm to 6.45… I keep the thermometer under my pillow and as the alarm goes off, I just stick it in my mouth and once it beeps a reading I keep it back and go back to sleep.

Also trying to get yoga back into my daily regime. This one’s proving to be tougher. Since I need to do it on an empty stomach either it means waiting too long till I have my breakfast (unless of course I get started as soon as I wake up which, frankly, does not happen what with helping the spouse as he gets ready to leave for work) or if I have my breakfast then I need to wait again for it to get digested by which time it’s lunchtime! Have to find a way of managing this.


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