Tick tock…

It’s been a good weekend. Yesterday was shopping at the farmers market followed by BBQ at my brother’s place in the evening and today was seafood lunch with friends, grocery shopping and a saunter through the mall. Tried my hand at making some Thai gai pad krapow but it didn’t quite tickle the taste-buds as much as the restaurant version usually does! Oh well, next time maybe.

We’re both feeling a bit on edge, though, with our regroup appointment with Dr S coming up on Tuesday. I am anxious to know what he has to say (there should be absolutely no reason why they would not let us try with our own eggs but I want to hear it from him) and also when we can start. There’s a part of me that is undeniably excited and hopeful that things will work out this time and yet there’s another part that is quite simply terrified. This whole IVF process is so fraught with the fragility that hope instills in us -hanging on to every day all the time hoping, hoping, hoping that things will turn out right. The hope that there will be enough follicles, that they will mature at the right pace, that  they will result in mature eggs which will all hopefully fertilize and that finally they will create perfect day 5 blasts that will be chromosomally normal. It’s a crazy roller coaster and the cocktail of hormones just makes the ride that much more precipitous.

Plus, this time there will also be the additional stress of travel which I am quite nervous about. It was another thing to get injected in the secure confines of my home while sticking to my daily routine and it will be quite a different matter, altogether, to do the same thing in a hotel room in Colorado with nothing really to distract us! Anyhow, fact is I am grateful to have a chance to cycle at CCRM and I’m going to keep that in mind anytime I feel the stress levels begin to rise.

Fingers crossed for Tuesday!


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