The new tease!

CCRM wanted me to start testing for ovulation using OPKs from CD 10 onwards. No problem, I thought! I have fairly regular cycles and typically get positives on OPKs sometime between CD 12-14. The past few cycles, in fact, have been fairly consistent with positives on CD 12. Hence, I was feeling rather confident of informing CCRM about my LH surge around this day. So confident that I stupidly neglected to purchase an additional pack of clear blue OPKs reasoning with myself that the 8-10 sticks left should be enough. Stupid stupid stupid.

I did not factor in testing twice a day (my positives usually show up in the pm but CCRM wanted me to test in the am so I thought I’ll just do it twice)! CD 13 (today) rolled around and I realized I just have two sticks left. I still wasn’t worried though, smug in the knowledge that by tonight I would have the surge for sure, esp since I’ve been getting generous amounts of EWCM (sorry if TMI!!). No dice though. By afternoon I had used up both sticks as I was getting panicky about my absconding LH surge.

After dinner, I sent K off to CVS to get more supplies but for some outlandish reason, they have priced clear blue at $64 (amazon sells it for $36!!), so I asked him to get the CVS LH strips which the only other brand available. How bad could it be, I reasoned, still feeling pretty sure that I was going to get a positive. Well, for one it’s not digital like clear blue and frankly the whole process was quite icky (those in the know will get what I mean). I waited the recommended 4 minutes and the control line showed up nice and dark while the test line could barely be seen. Ergo, no surge yet!

This is annoying. I know I still have tomorrow but a CD 14 surge has not happened to me for months and months and while ovulation patterns can change depending on hormonal shifts, medical intervention and/ or stress, things have been as quiet on this front as can be. I’m simply left scratching my head and feeling a little irritated with this unnecessary little bit of tension. I need the surge to appear so I can start estrace 10 days from then. Since I have very little trust in these CVS strips and I don’t want to miss the damn thing altogether, I think I’ll try going to my OB’s office tomorrow and getting a blood test to measure the surge.

In other news, yoga continues to uplift me and getting done with the Doxy has been absolutely brilliant!


2 thoughts on “The new tease!

  1. Hi! Just came across your blog today and wanted to say Thank you! We seem to share similar experiences. I just finished up a failed cycle at Zouves and just had a consult for CCRM last week. I would love to hear what your experience has been cycling out of state. Hoping this cycle works out for you!

    • Hi there! Absolutely… I’ll be posting on here more frequently now that the cycle will be commencing soon. Do feel free to write anytime with any questions/ concerns. I’d be happy to help. And thanks for the wishes. I hope your next cycle also turns out to be the lucky one :))

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