The overwhelming normalcy of the everyday!

Yesterday, after just about 8 years of procrastination (yup, I’m crazy like that!) I finally went for a long-overdue eye checkup. I was pretty excited because I knew it’s time for me to get new glasses and well… who doesn’t love new glasses! Umm okay a lot of you probably don’t like wearing glasses but me, I envied the socks off everyone at high school who had glasses and all I wanted was to get a prescription of my own. Wearing glasses at my school was considered hip and nerdy and all kinds of cool! However, much to my chagrin, my eyesight was declared perfect and the doctor said there was no need for said glasses. I then resorted to the only thing I seem to have perfected over the years–drama! I outrageously exaggerated the intensity of the headaches I was (ostensibly) getting and convinced the doctor that I needed glasses to read. He solemnly stated that my eye muscles were probably weak and so reading glasses were in order. Short-cut to 23 years later (good God I am O.L.D.!!) and I am as excited to get glasses again as my 13 year old self was!! Over the years, my number has (very slowly) gone up and since the past few years I can feel a definite strain in my eyes when working on the computer or watching a movie in a theater.

Wow… such a long preamble to what I was really about to say…

So, yesterday I went for my eye test. Lucky for me, I found an excellent doctor literally 57 steps away from where I live. I walked over and settled down in the cosy reception area. The nice lady at the desk checked me in and about twenty minutes later my doctor came out to escort me inside. I won’t bore you with my ocular travails but what I want to emphasize is how ridiculously normal everything was! I mean I knew what would happen in the examination room, the doctor was extremely patient and so very kind and it was all so… normal! Sigh! No alarming discoveries, no grave faces huddled over an ultrasound machine, no lying half-naked with just a paper wrap to cover my modesty (!), no needles and absolutely no histrionics! It was like a regular, everyday visit to the friendly neighborhood doctor. And it was such a blessed relief that I almost cried with gratitude. As I stood in the reception area, trying to select a suitable frame through my increasing blurry vision (he had dilated my eyes), I looked at the nice receptionist, tapping away on her computer, at the non-threatening pile of magazines lying neatly stacked in a corner (no ‘Pregnancy’ or ‘Mother’ or ‘Parenting’ type of titles!), at the absolute absence of people in the waiting area and at the sheer ordinariness of it all, I felt warm fuzzies and a strong sense of sadness at the same time. The warm feeling because all was okay with my eyes and sadness that I could not have such appointments with my OB, just walking in like a normal pregnant woman (who just randomly got knocked up!) and not sitting in the waiting room like a detective-in-disguise, face buried in a book, loathe to look up for fear of another belly/baby sighting!

Pleased with my wonderfully routine visit, I walked back home in pouring rain. I was feeling so happy and so ‘like an everyday person’ that I half skipped, half ran home oblivious to the fact that I had no umbrella and I was soaking wet, the rain worming its way into my jacket, my shoes, my handbag! I sploshed (is there such a word) over to my place and K opened the door, aghast at the drippy sight in front of him. I grinned widely and told him: “it’s such a good day baby!”. He started laughing and hugged me tight (getting soaked himself) and said “yes it sure is”.


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