No news is good news…

…but no, not that kind of good news!

It’s been such a packed few weeks. My brother moved back to India with his family (I miss them so much!), K went to India/ Singapore and came back, we’ve been going out for lunches and dinners and shopping trips with my parents who are still staying with us. The days pass by in a fairly happy blur; I am (finally) making some progress with my work and it helps to have company at home. My mother’s been making the most ridiculously yummy food for me and I’ve been happily gorging on it everyday. I’ve shopped way more than I should have and K bought me two gorgeous pairs of loafers from Singapore which I can’t wait to wear!

On the baby-making front, all’s quiet which, sometimes, is really nice. There’s no rushing to make it to doc appointments, no coordinating for stat test reports, no getting pricked! I got my period yesterday, though, so it will be O time soon and from then onwards there’s no looking back. My protocol this time is slightly different; I’m doing estrace for almost two weeks beginning two days after I get my surge and I’ll also be taking clomid to add to my crazy cocktail of meds!

In the meantime, I’m sleeping fitfully, drinking copious cups of raspberry tea, eating lots of nourishing home-cooked food and staying warm in my cosy collection of PJs 🙂


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