Thank you God!!

This will be a quick update as I’m rushing out for my acupuncture appointment. But since I’ve always been so liberal with my despondency on this forum, I thought it only fair that I share some truly brilliant news with all of you! After an extremely suspenseful week (more on that later!), today we got the call from CCRM.

Out of the 9 embryos that were biopsied, 6 were normal and 2 no result!

To say that we are in a delirious daze would be the understatement of the year! We have been so attuned to receiving disappointing news, I just did not expect something this wonderful!! My heart is overflowing with joy and I am so full of gratitude towards God and towards each and every one of you who take the time to read this blog and to comment and to support me!

We have a long way to go from here but today, K & I will be celebrating after a long time!!

Thank you God!


12 thoughts on “Thank you God!!

  1. That is awesome! And it is actually better than the population average: 4-6 out of every 10 blasts are usually abnormal, or so the studies show. I think this could also be influenced mildly by culture conditions, and maybe the people at places like CCRM and RMA-NJ do a slightly better job than your run-of-the-mill clinic. Pure speculation on my part though. If you could put up your report, I’d be very happy. I love details, and this is a topic very close to my heart.

    I admitted to somebody the other day that I was afraid I would always be looking to the next milestone and not enjoying the present, even after my baby was born.

    Glad to know you are not just already shooting forward to the next step, but are taking the time to savor this.

    • Thanks a lot J! I took all of yesterday to just ‘be’ in the moment and let it all sink in. Today though I am all about the next steps! I don’t have the CCS report right now but will make it accessible as soon as I get it from CCRM. Hope things are moving along fabulously at your end! Hugs!!

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