Lining check 2

Yesterday’s lining check was encouraging. My OB checked it at various places and it ranged between 11.5 to 13 which I am happy about. My labs also came good with e2 at 434 and p4 nice and low at 0.5, which is what they want at this stage. I was a bit freaked out with all the EWCM I’d been getting but the u/s showed many follicles on my right ovary; I think the elevated estrogen is probably causing the CM. Too bad this isn’t an IVF cycle, it’s funny how I almost felt bad about them going waste!

I’ve been asked to stick with my current calendar. A teeny bit worried that my lining might get too thick with all the estrogen I’m consuming but I’m going to trust my doctor and go with the flow.

I took my last lupron shot today. Tomorrow night I start the endometrin and the doxy. Monday onwards the endometrin gets bumped up to thrice a day and I also start the much-dreaded  PIO which shall get its own post once I get through the first one!

I go in for my last blood draw before transfer on Monday and then if all looks good, we fly out Thursday morning to Denver. Fingers, toes, everything tightly crossed!


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