Quick update

Crazily enough, I’ve been trying to type up this post for four days now but I’m so, so sick I’ve been unable to get past the first few words. Today I’m snatching a few precious nausea-free moments just to let you all know that the first u/s went well… baby had a hb of 123.5 and all measurements looked fine. To say we were relieved is going to sound like the understatement of the year.
I’ve had a few blips with less than optimal results on some immune panels. My OB does some immune related work so I’m on lovenox and IL infusions as per his advice. Also considering contacting Alan Beers and have an MFM appointment set up for next month.
The nausea and vomiting are relentless. No complaints though. On to stressing about ultrasound 2 which happens about 10 days from now.
Thanks for all your support and sorry I’ve not been commenting on your posts as much as I’d like to.


10 thoughts on “Quick update

  1. We are all delighted for you..rest..there is so much talk these days about immune issues and lovenox and IL infusions…I have no clue what they are…ignorance is bliss..or maybe not…get better and so happy for you..your blog has entertained me at some very low points in my journey…thanks for that.

  2. I’m sorry you’re feeling so awful hon, but hopefully it’s a good sign that all is good with baby. So happy all went well at your ultrasound. Sending you lots of prayers for your next scan!

      • I know, how you’re feeling hon. I’m still feeling nervous too. It’s getting easier with each milestone we reach, but it’s so hard to completely let go. Sending you and your little one lots of prayers! Thanks! 🙂

    • Thank you! I’m so excited for you too! Started feeling nauseous around 5 1/2 weeks and it’s been pretty constant ever since. Wishing you so much good luck for the days ahead… hugs!

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