Need I?

I debated for a long time whether or not I wanted to put in the public domain (however anonymously) what is an intensely private matter for a woman. I took both sides and vociferously argued going back and forth like a rolling kiwi (the fruit, not the bird!) on a see-saw (do NOT ask me why I came up with that particular analogy… it just comes from a deep, wise place within me!). I even went as far as creating this blog, titling it and then just forgot all about it. Well… I didn’t forget. I just decided to consciously ignore it. A part of me was superstitious that if I start blogging about my problems they will never go away. But as day after day goes by and I scavenge the online world (like an archaeologist on a mission to find the rarest fossil) for other blogs that might give me answers, insights, advice or even that much needed friend -hope, I realize that blogging is not just me trying to save the spouse’s hard earned money from going to a shrink; it’s also about putting my experiences out there so that tomorrow, perhaps, someone else might benefit from what I have to say. Tomorrow, perhaps some other lonely soul might read this and realize that hey, she is not alone in feeling all the 462719442 (… and counting!) emotions that ricochet through her mind and heart at any given time of the day. Or, at the very least, tomorrow, perhaps, someone else just might gain a teeny bit of what we women tend to feel dissipating the fastest as we set forth on this journey to create miniatures of ourselves–a little something called hope!