I know for anyone reading a fertility blog it is always a matter of curiosity as to what condition(s) the blog writer is dealing with. So here’s my glittering track record ๐Ÿ™‚

Me: 35, Endo, Low AMH, DOR, slightly elevated immunology

DH: 38, Very low morphology, otherwise healthy

Dec 2005–Dx with ovarian cysts, advised to operate. Took BCP for a year, cysts disappeared!

Dec 2010–Got married โค

July 2011–decided to start trying for baby. First doc appt. told have huge fibroid in uterus (8cm), advised immediate surgery. Total freakout, in denial for 6 months.

Sept-Nov 2011: try naturally with ovulation trigger (HCG). BFN

Dec 2011: 1st IUI (natural). BFN.

Jan 2012: Laparoscopic myomectomy. Fibroid successful removed, slight blockage indicated in left tube. Advised to hold off ttc for 3 months. Start acupuncture.

April 2012: Move to Bay Area. New RE. Dx with PCOS, endo, IR. Put on metformin 1000mg/ daily, several supplements, asked to walk after each meal, yoga, acupuncture etc. Resume ttc. BFP on first try!! Ecstatic!!

May 2012: 1st u/s shows nothing. HCG plateaus. Suspected ectopic. D&C w/ methotrexate. Devastated ๐Ÿ˜ฆ

June 2012: frozen labs confirm uterine pregnancy aka regular miscarriage not ectopic. Thank God!

July 2012: Rubella shot, cannot try this month

Aug 2012: BFN

Sept 2012: 2nd natural IUI. Everything looks great but BFFN! Plus, suspected OHSS from HCG shot later revised to possible endo flare-up. Left ovary enlarges and stays enlarged for 2 months. In extreme pain. Emergency surgery advised.

Nov 2012: Left ovary finally starts shrinking.

Dec 2012: Hawaii!! BFN though ๐Ÿ˜ฆ

Jan 2013: BFN. Start looking for IVF options.

Feb 2013: Anastrozole + BCP + Doxy to try shrink endo. India vacation = family time ๐Ÿ™‚

March 2013: Decide on Dr. Zouves for IVF. Advised surgery for left side hyrdosalpinx. Dx with low AMH (0.48), slightly elevated immunology: blood clotting antibodies + TH1/ cytokines. Rx: baby aspirin, Lovenox at time of transfer and 2 intra-lipid infusions before and after ER.

April 2013: Laparoscopy to clip left tube and remove surface endo. Surgery successful.

May 2013: IVF # 1 w. Dr. Zouves. Antagonist protocol. 9 follies, 7 eggs retrieved, 5 mature, 3 make it to day 6 blasts. All chromosomally abnormal. FET canceled. Advised donor eggs. Shattered, completely shattered.

June 2013: BFN (although tried only one day)

July 2013: onwards to exploring new options.


About me…

I have always had extremely painful & heavy periods, acne-ridden skin and little tufts of hair where they clearly had no business being! I still remember as a teenager, my family doctor whispering to my mom that she should get me ‘married’ at the earliest (Indian code for sex!) because, apparently, that and a subsequent pregnancy would ‘sort’ me out. It only took me 32 years to find my soulmate but thankfully much lesser time for us to decide we want to start trying for a family.

I have previously been diagnosed for ovarian cysts and surgery was recommended. Several further opinions later, it was decided that surgery might not be the best idea since I was not married at the time and the cysts were responding rather well to the BCP which I was on at the time. Btw, I hated being on the pill. It made me a moody bitch, I spotted all the time between periods (panicking each time) although it did clear up my skin briefly. I stopped it after a year, the cysts seemed to be behaving themselves and there was this teeny fibroid fellow (about 2 cms at the time) which everyone said was nothing really to worry about.

Fast forward to summer 2011. 6 months after getting married, we decide to start trying for a baby. At a prenatal appointment I discover that teeny fibroid fellow is now a gargantuan monster (at about 8cms.). My doctors were baffled as to how it got so big in less than 2 years (which is when my last scan had been). Contrasting opinions followed. Get the sucker out. NOW. Don’t get your uterus opened up when you haven’t had a child before. 6 months after the diagnosis I finally did get it removed through a laparoscopic myomectomy by a great surgeon. In the meantime, we tried every month through an HCG trigger + progesterone suppositories regimen, even fitting in an IUI in the very last month before the myomectomy was scheduled. Nothing changed. The myomectomy went off very well (although they discovered a blockage in my left tube) and we were told to wait the standard 3 months before trying. In the meantime, I started acupuncture and made some dietary changes. In March we made the move from SoCal to NorCal and found ourselves a new RE and an acupuncturist. My new RE added PCOS and Endo to my brimming cupp’a’ woes. However, he has the best reputation and so I decided to take it all in positive spirit, accepting that this was a diagnosis of something that has already existed and not something that has recently developed (that whole ‘known enemy’ angle!). He also thinks I am Insulin Resistant and has drastically altered my diet to include no carbs, no dairy, no sugar and tons of protein. Oh and I have to walk for about 20 minutes after each meal to burn off whatever it is that I eat.

So that’s me right now, craving a hot fudge sundae or just a plate of steaming Thai fried rice. Praying each day and doing everything it takes to bring my little miracle to this world. And I won’t stop till (s)he is here.