Friends, tests and meds

I always wonder where my blogging compulsions lie –do I tend to write/ express more when I am feeling down and out or when I’m invigorated and energetic? The past few days have been a mix of both! I’ve been extremely emotional and hyper-reactive but I’ve also been very happy and content. We’ve been going out a lot and meeting up with friends old and new. I think the best thing going on in our life right now (sad as this is gonna sound!) is the fact that we now have three couple friends who do not have kids and two of them, seemingly, by choice. It is such a pleasure to be able to hang out without feeling ridiculously envious of someone for their procreational achievements!! Plus, we end up talking about so much that is interesting like travel and news and movies and… just about everything.

One of these couples are actually going through an IVF cycle around the same time as us which is how we got to know them. I met the wife through an online support group and we really hit it off. Somehow our husbands also got along like wildfire and now it’s a strange mix of sadness and hope that I feel as we both move forward with our cycle, knowing that this friendship could fast go south if either of us gets pregnant and the other one doesn’t. I am fervently hoping that this is the lucky cycle for both of us and we both end up successfully pregnant. There is nothing I would like more than for us to have our babies around the same time and to grow closer as a result.

In other news, the errant LH surge was finally located both through a blood test and through CVS’s not-so-amazing strips. Plus (and this is so exciting!), for the first time ever my TSH levels fell below 1.9 to 1.45!! I was so happy to know that the meds were finally working! In that respect it’s been such a great couple of months. Barring my borderline high FSH, I’ve had consistently good test results and so has K. Perhaps this bodes well for the upcoming cycle.

Freedom called today to let me know they’ve shipped the meds; they will be here tomorrow and Monday onwards I start off with the Estrace/ Cetrotide etc. Next week the saizen will be here too. I am cautiously excited! We booked our tickets yesterday and even though there is a suppression check to go through before we are given the clearance to stim, I am quite hopeful things should go well this time.

More to follow…


The new tease!

CCRM wanted me to start testing for ovulation using OPKs from CD 10 onwards. No problem, I thought! I have fairly regular cycles and typically get positives on OPKs sometime between CD 12-14. The past few cycles, in fact, have been fairly consistent with positives on CD 12. Hence, I was feeling rather confident of informing CCRM about my LH surge around this day. So confident that I stupidly neglected to purchase an additional pack of clear blue OPKs reasoning with myself that the 8-10 sticks left should be enough. Stupid stupid stupid.

I did not factor in testing twice a day (my positives usually show up in the pm but CCRM wanted me to test in the am so I thought I’ll just do it twice)! CD 13 (today) rolled around and I realized I just have two sticks left. I still wasn’t worried though, smug in the knowledge that by tonight I would have the surge for sure, esp since I’ve been getting generous amounts of EWCM (sorry if TMI!!). No dice though. By afternoon I had used up both sticks as I was getting panicky about my absconding LH surge.

After dinner, I sent K off to CVS to get more supplies but for some outlandish reason, they have priced clear blue at $64 (amazon sells it for $36!!), so I asked him to get the CVS LH strips which the only other brand available. How bad could it be, I reasoned, still feeling pretty sure that I was going to get a positive. Well, for one it’s not digital like clear blue and frankly the whole process was quite icky (those in the know will get what I mean). I waited the recommended 4 minutes and the control line showed up nice and dark while the test line could barely be seen. Ergo, no surge yet!

This is annoying. I know I still have tomorrow but a CD 14 surge has not happened to me for months and months and while ovulation patterns can change depending on hormonal shifts, medical intervention and/ or stress, things have been as quiet on this front as can be. I’m simply left scratching my head and feeling a little irritated with this unnecessary little bit of tension. I need the surge to appear so I can start estrace 10 days from then. Since I have very little trust in these CVS strips and I don’t want to miss the damn thing altogether, I think I’ll try going to my OB’s office tomorrow and getting a blood test to measure the surge.

In other news, yoga continues to uplift me and getting done with the Doxy has been absolutely brilliant!