TTC Timeline

Me: 36, Endo, DOR

DH: 39, Low morphology, otherwise healthy

Dec 2005–Dx with ovarian cysts, advised to operate. Took BCP for a year, cysts disappeared!

Dec 2010–Got married ❤

July 2011–decided to start trying for baby. First doc appt. told have huge fibroid in uterus (8cm), advised immediate surgery. Total freakout, in denial for 6 months.

Sept-Nov 2011: try naturally with ovulation trigger (HCG). BFN

Dec 2011: 1st IUI (natural). BFN.

Jan 2012: Laparoscopic myomectomy. Fibroid successful removed, slight blockage indicated in left tube. Advised to hold off ttc for 3 months. Start acupuncture.

April 2012: Move to Bay Area. New RE. Dx with PCOS, endo, IR. Put on metformin 1000mg/ daily, several supplements, asked to walk after each meal, yoga, acupuncture etc. Resume ttc. BFP on first try!! Ecstatic!!

May 2012: 1st u/s shows nothing. HCG plateaus. Suspected ectopic. D&C w/ methotrexate. Devastated :(

June 2012: frozen labs confirm uterine pregnancy aka regular miscarriage not ectopic. Thank God!

July 2012: Rubella shot, cannot try this month

Aug 2012: BFN

Sept 2012: 2nd natural IUI. Everything looks great but BFFN! Plus, suspected OHSS from HCG shot later revised to possible endo flare-up. Left ovary enlarges and stays enlarged for 2 months. In extreme pain. Emergency surgery advised.

Nov 2012: Left ovary finally starts shrinking.

Dec 2012: Hawaii!! BFN though :(

Jan 2013: BFN. Start looking for IVF options.

Feb 2013: Anastrozole + BCP + Doxy to try shrink endo. India vacation = family time :)

March 2013: Pre-IVF workup. Advised surgery for left side hyrdosalpinx. Dx with low AMH (0.48), slightly elevated immunology: blood clotting antibodies + TH1/ cytokines. Rx: baby aspirin, Lovenox at time of transfer and 2 intra-lipid infusions before and after ER.

April 2013: Laparoscopy to clip left tube and remove surface endo. Surgery successful.

May 2013: IVF # 1 Antagonist protocol. 9 follies, 7 eggs retrieved, 5 mature, 3 make it to day 6 blasts. All chromosomally abnormal. FET canceled. Advised donor eggs. Shattered.

June 2013: BFN

July 2013: onwards to exploring new options.

August 2013: Initial consult with Dr Surrey. Travel to CO for OWDU. Results in: AMH: 1.3, FSH: 10.3, E2: 65, LH: 6, Immunology fine, Karotype: normal for both, TSH: 2.3, Genetic panel testing: all ok.

September 2013: Regroup with Dr S to discuss test results. Green signal for starting cycle in October.

9/21: DH and I begin Doxy

Waiting for LH surge.

10/4: Get LH surge! Given go-ahead to begin estrace in 10 days!

10/14: Begin estrace

10/15: Begin daily cetrotide injections

10/18: Period starts. Suppression check: all clear!!!!

10/19: Begin stims

10/31: ER. 11 retrieved (yayy!), only 6 mature (boo!), 3 more mature overnight in lab. Total of 6 fertilized and frozen. We will be banking our embryos and coming back for another cycle.

1/21: ER. 17 retrieved, 15 mature, 12 fertilized (yayy!). 12 + 6 day 1’s (from first cycle) grown till day 5. 9 beautiful blasts. CCS testing reveals 6 normals, 2 no results!!

Feb 2014: Endometrial biopsy reveals missing beta-3 integrin protein. Rx: 2 months of depot lupron.

3/4: Depot Lupron shot 1

4/4: Depot Lupron shot 2

5/3: Begin FET meds

5/23: FET on 1 beautiful hatching 5AA CCS normal blast

6/1: BFP! Beta 1: 351, Beta 2: 892


9 thoughts on “TTC Timeline

  1. It sounds like we are on a similar path currently! I’ve consulted with Dr. Surrey in LA previously, he seems to be a great RE. What made you decide to go for another cycle before ET?

    • Hi there! We decided to do another cycle so that we could bank embryos and do a batch test on them (ccs). Our first cycle (not at CCRM) resulted in all abnormal blasts so we’re just really trying to maximize the chances of getting a normal this time!
      I’m sorry you’ve had it rough… I’ll be following your journey and praying real hard that it all works out 🙂

  2. Thanks for sharing your story! We may have some things in common- I just had my first IVF with Zouves as well, and all three of my embryos came back abnormal 😦 I have my first phone consult with Dr. S at CCRM next week. I also live in SF! It’s so great to meet someone who is struggling with IF in similar ways. If you’re open to it, I would love to pick your brain a bit- especially about CCRM. Best of luck to you and your husband.

    • Hi there… I’m sorry your cycle at Zouves’ did not work… I know only too well what it feels like to have the ‘all abnormal’ result. Absolutely, please feel free to ask me any questions you have… I would love to help in every way possible. Thanks for the good wishes and tons of good luck to you as well!!

  3. Hi – I live in the bay area as well and currently considering CCRM for embryo banking. Thank you for sharing your journey thus far. I am wondering if you are able to share the clinic/doc that is available to monitor the progress locally ? My doc’s office is not open on the weekends so I am not sure who else to contact. Thank You !

    • Hi Monica–I think you posted on the FB group as well, right? I got monitored by my OBs office but there are a few clinics in the city like PFC that I know offer local monitoring service. Good luck for your upcoming cycle. Feel free to get in touch if you have any more questions.

  4. Hi muddyfeelings. Thanks for sharing your story. I have quite a few similarities and would like to email you if you don’t mind? I live in the Bay Area, am indian and am going to ccrm for my odwu soon.

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